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The “Flying Cars” ride at Riverview Park, Belmont and Western, 1954, Chicago.

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Your #Winner on #IndexOfEffluency, #ReturnOfTheLemonites 2014, @millermotorsportspark: Grumpy Cat Racing, Dodge Truck. #IoE #realwinner

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Fantastic photos and story about Eberhard Schulz’s one-of Isdera Autobahnkurier 116i on the always-great MercedesHeritage.com blog. The darn thing has two Mercedes 5 liter engines, nose to nose, the front unit drives the front wheels and the rear unit drives the rear wheels!

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Salvage yard shut since 1953 finally sells its secrets

The difference between a treasure trove and a scrap yard may be just good marketing. How else to explain the interest generated by a Oklahoma man who closed his junkyard over a zoning dispute in 1953 and protected it like the Fort Knox of rust until his death? Later this summer, his cache of some 250 cars from the first half of the 20th century will finally go to auction, and within all that broken-down metal are a few rarities.

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40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, built from 1960–1984. This is probably a pre-1976 model.

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I better finish my z before my daughter wants to drive it!

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